Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Frucht = fruit
Kuchen = cake / pie
Mit = with
Streusel = crumble
So this is a cake / pie fruit with crumble. Original recipe is Apfelküchen, yes right apple cake. Because my husband is a fan of fruit that tastes sour, then I add the nektarinen ama kiwi. Keep it makes me crumble model, plus it feels so good
Please try, it's easy really. do not need a mixer, just need the scales at just the oven.
Material pie:
200 grams flour
70 grams sugar (if sweetness can be reduced)
100 grams margarine
1 tsp (pressed) baking powder
1 egg, beaten off

3 apples (only), I used to use royal gala ato
1 apple, 1 piece nektarinen, 2 kiwi fruit
ato fruit of any kind, provided that no durian:)
20 grams margarine

Streusel Ingredients:
150 grams flour
75 grams sugar
90 grams margarine

Mix all ingredients until can crushed (I use the hand ... when).
Roller, up to 0.5 cm thick, then moved to the pan with a diameter of 20 cm, which was polished margarine.
Prick bottom with fork, this is basic so pienya engga bubble. Set aside.
note: These recipes use margarine kosher version of his form in Germany such as the Indo-style margarine, exp. Bl * e B ** d. If in Denmark, halal margarine his form loud, like a pastry margarine (korsvet) a little water content. So if I make a definite amount
certainly add margarine.

Peel and cut into pieces, arrange on top of basic pie.
Sprinkle with raisins.
Margarine cut ato dicolek (using a spoon) and then sown evenly on the sidelines of the fruit.
Set aside.

Mix all ingredients, do not diuleni, but with kneaded dough to make it a bulleted like sand. if there is a tool for making pastry can also use it. Just like a batter so that coarse sand (see photo).
Sprinkle streusel over the composition of this fruit.

Prepare the oven is already in preheat 180 degrees.
Pie oven for 35-45 minutes.
Note: if use a soft margarine like Bl * e B ** d, I entered first into the fridge. Then cut into pieces, then mixed.

Garnish with butter spray.
Nice and easy:)

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