Saturday, May 16, 2009

how to make a good cheese

1.1 Materials:
- milk
- Na Cl
- Rennet
- Starter, used or streptococcus lactis S
- Cremonis
- Ca Cl2
- Substance the color
- Candles / paraffin

1.2 Tools:
- cheese's tray
- Knife cutter
- Mixer tool
- Hearing press
- Room of teak wood
1.3 Phase and processing (cheese cheedar)

1. Pasteurize milk first on the temperature 62-65oc for 30 minutes at a temperature or 71,1-71,7 Celcius for 15-20 seconds, then cooled at a temperature of 30 Celcius.

2. Input into the tub of cheese, and trays of the cheese then flowed 45 C hot water for 15 minutes. To speed up the fermentation by starter acid lactate be 0,5-1%, to poke and 10 minutes left until the degree of acid 0.5% (usually reached after a ½ - 1 hour)

3. The provision of pigment from the plant as much as 0.5 - 3 cm pigment solution to 100 liters milk

4. Rennet addition of 4.2 ml / liter susu, 40 minutes and then going coagulate protein (casein) and know the form of cheese (curd) to accelerate the establishment of CaCl2 added 0.02%.
So that the cheese does not know tergumpal-bumpal, before rennet must be added to the first water in comparison with the temperature at 40 x 85 - 90oF. at the beginning of the addition of rennet, stirred to smooth milk and rennet are added little by little while doiaduk slowly constantly in a few minutes after that susu stirred slowly near the surface to prevent breakage cream mixed stopped as soon as signs coagulation.

5. Cutting out cheese with knife to remove the water which is called whey.

6. Separation in the cheese whey, with the ways:
- Filtered with cloth blacu, whey will akan
- Given tap tray's cheese underneath

7. The addition of salt 1 ½ - 3%,
8. Printed materials, while cheese is pressed ± 3 - 4

9. During the drying process ± 3 - 4 days

10. The entire surface of the coated wax / paraffin

11. The process of dike, in a dark room / cool temperature at 13 - 14oc and 90% RH, for 2 weeks to 6 months depending on the cheese that is made. The longer the better.

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